Calvin Klein


Challenge: The Calvin Klein Underwear brand needed to expand their exposure in the Youth class A, B+ market with a rather limited budget.

Solution: A digital campaign was executed with the participation of various "influencers" such as Christian Chavez, Anahi, David Zepeda, Mariana Ochoa, and Uriel del Toro in where they interacted with each other, making references and recommendations of the brand. Additionally, viral videos were created with some of the celebrities.

Results: The level of Retweets was achieved and surpassed the tendencies that the brand had previously achieved with other digital campaigns that were conventional and isolated.  This was directly reflected through the "awareness" achieved for the brand and with a 20% increase in sales that was constant during the three month duration of the campaign.  The campaign @dejate_ver had an increase of 75% over the span of 4 weeks.