Sobe Lifewater


Challenge: To introduce a high-end water product which was relatively known to the hearts and minds of US Hispanic and Mexican American consumers.

Solution: Create a micro-site that drives ties in the product with a US Hispanic award show and to develop a social media strategy to drive organic recommendations by celebrities and influencers.  Live interviews with celebrities taking questions from a host and fans on twitter and facebook via a live streaming program at the backstage of a Premios de la Radio (music awards show).  Fans, friends and followers have to tweet #SoBePremios to get their questions to the celebs.  Artists tweeted a message followed by the hashtag #SoBePremios before the interviews begin with a link to watch them live.  Logo banner, skin design, and product integrations was included on the live stream backstage event which lasted a continuous 4 hours, and continues to live on through YouTube.

Results: More than 50,000 people viewed, engaged and tweeted about #SoBePremios.  Recommended tweets and retweets by musical artists, celebrities, and influencers reached more than 1.2 million targeted potential consumers and touch points.  The brand experienced a 29% increase of product purchase by Hispanic food retailers such as Vallarta Supermarkets due to the campaign.